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Pfeiffer service manual

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AGILENT 5975 SERIES MSD TROUBLESHOOTING and MAINT MANUAL (15 MB) AGILENT 5975C SERIES GC MSD. This Pfeiffer Balzers Duo 5M series rotary vane vacuum pump is Brand New and comes with a liter of P3 oil. It describes the func-. Pfeiffer vacuum Duo 2.

Pfeiffer Kit,Major Overhaul,DUO 2. This operating manual is for customers of Pfeiffer Vacuum. All informa- tion provided in this operating manual refer to the current state of the product&39;s de- velopment. ☞ Customers who carry out their own repairs must have completed the necessary PFEIFFER training courses. 0 • 10-3 mbar The UNO 250 A is a single stage and the DUO 250 A is a pfeiffer duo 2.5 service manual two stage rotary vane pump.

Major repair kits include all components of Minor kits plus vanes, springs, sight glass &. Email: Pfeiffer Vacuum TSH 071 Turbomolecular Pump System. 5 SEAL KIT include gaskets, o&39;rings and couplings for minor pump maintenance. 5C, UNO5 Operating Instructions; UNO 6/M. ☞ Read and follow all instructions in this manual.

pfeiffer balzers duo 004b duo004b pfeiffer balzers duo 008b duo008b pfeiffer balzers duo 1. 5 C Original Operating Instructions. 5 C Pdf User Manuals. Fax:. 5 pfeiffer balzers duo 5m pfeiffer balzers duo 010m pfeiffer balzers duo 20m pfeiffer balzers duo 35m pfeiffer balzers duo 060a duo060a pfeiffer balzers duo. 1 Validity This operating manual is for customers of Pfeiffer Vacuum. Quality replacement parts, repair kits, filters and fluids for Pfeiffer Balzers DUO2.

4 l Rotation speed at 50 Hz 3000 1/rpm 3000 1/rpm Rotation speed at 60 Hz 3600 1/rpm 3600 1/rpm. pfeiffer vacuum pump parts. Current documents are available from the Pfeiffer Vacuum Download Center. 5 A/AC 1 Vacuum connection 8 Support stand 2 Exhaust connection 9 Casing 3 Operating fluid filler screw 35 Casing seal 4 Operating fluid drain screw 44 Base plate 5 Sight glass 48 O-ring 6 Motor 49 O-ring 7 Gas ballast valve 3//V 4. Kit contents available on request. Pfeiffer KIT,REPAIR,UNO/DUO OO4-012A for 004-012A UNO/DUO.

About this manual 3 1 About this manual 1. 5 C Flange (in) DN 16 ISO-KF DN 16 ISO-KF Flange (out) DN 16 ISO-KF DN 16 ISO-KF Operating fluid P 3 F 4 Pump fluid filling 0. Part Type Description Pump Models Quantity In Stock Price EA Order; 004522: Springs: SPRING; VANE; UNO/DUO 004/012A: 004-012A UNO DUO: 0 * Standard lead-time for non-stock items is approximately two weeks depending on the item. Agilent Technologies Color Chart Pump installation history Pump maintenance history. View online or download Pfeiffer vacuum Duo 2. There are two types of EI sources, a standard stainless steel.

Parts, Repair Kits, Oil and Accessories for this pump are available on this. Agilent Pfeiffer Duo 2. 5 Dimensions: Click Here for Pfeiffer DUO 2. 75" diacoupling, washer,crs,pfeiffer duo 2. Created with Sketch.

This pump also contains a high vacuum safety valve. Major repair kits include all components of Minor kits plus vanes, springs, sight glass & coupling element for Major overhaul. All information provided in this. 2 Variants These instructions apply to Uno/DuoLine series vacuum pumps: Pump type Pump version Uno 35//65 Pump in standard version Duo 35/65 C C version pump – changes relative to the standard version: Operating fluid F5 Vane material changed.

5/5 c kit components pfeiffer-4 duo 2. 10 5975/5977 Series MSD Operation Manual 1 Introduction 5977B Series MSD Version The 5977B Series MSDs are equipped with a turbomolecular (turbo) pump and a choice of four foreline pumps or a diffusion pump paired with a Pfeiffer DUO 2. 5c pump; duo 004a pump; duo 5 pump; duo 5c pump; duo 008a pump; duo 10 pump; duo 10c pump; duo 012a pump; duo 20 pump; duo 20c pump; duo 30a pump; duo 35m pump; duo 35mc pump; duo 65 pump; duo 65d pump; duo 65m pump; duo 65mc pump; uno series. 5 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Repair or Rebuild Seal Kit PN PKE00002T Pfeiffer Duo 2. Repair kits and replacement parts for Balzer/Pfeiffer Duo 1. 8:30am–5pm PST Mon–Fri. Products Sort By SKU ↑ SKU ↓ Product ↑ Product ↓ Price ↑ pfeiffer duo 2.5 service manual Price ↓ OEM Part Number ↑ OEM Part Number ↓ Default ↑ Default ↓ Sales ↑ Sales ↓ Per Page.

If the turbo pump is supplied separately, the venting valve and the cooling unit must be connected to the pump, then the pump is to be connected to the pumping station. · A pfeiffer duo 1. It describes the functioning of the designated product and provides the most important information for safe use of the unit. All informa- tion provided in this operating manual refe r to the current state of the product&39;s de- velopment. net Seite 227 Rotary vane pumps Technical data DUO 2. Duo Line, Pfeiffer, Duo 3, Rotary Vane Pumps, New rotary vane pumps, pfeiffer vacuum, pfeiffer rotary vane pumps, pfeiffer service, pfeiffer pump repair, rotary vane.

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps UNO 005 A/2. 5 C, UNO 5 and DUO 2. Pfeiffer 080410 KIT,REPAIR,UNO/DUO OO4-012A. The description follows applicable EU guidelines. 5a pfeiffer balzers duo 012a duo12a pfeiffer balzers duo 10c duo10c pfeiffer balzers duo 2.

5 original operating instructions online. Also for: Uno 5, Uno 2. Agilent / Varian Agilent IDP3 Scroll Pump Manual Agilent IDP7 Scroll Pump Manual Agilent IDP15 Scroll Pump Manual Agilent IDP15 Scroll Pump Data Sheet Agilent MS40+ Vacuum Pump Manual Varian SD90 Varian SS90-SD90-SD200-SS300-SD300 Varian Triscroll 300 Maintenance Part 1 Varian Triscroll 300 Maintenance Part 2 Varian Tr. View and Download Pfeiffer Vacuum Duo 2.

Accessories and F4 vacuum oil are also sold on this web site. 5 Manual A&J Vacuum repair / rebuild and service Agilent GVacuum Pumps, PKD41062E Pfeiffer Turbo Pumps along with all other Pfeiffer Vacuum Pumps and all other Pfeiffer Leak Detector Service and repair. 5 Pump Maintenance Quick Reference Guide and Record. Pfeiffer will not be liable for any damages or operating break-downs which are caused by improper repair work nor for any. 2442 EMRICK BLVD. Minor repair kits include o-rings, gaskets, washers, shaft seals & other components for light overhaul.

OEM=Pfeiffer: Part No. Rotary Vane Pump. 6/M Operating Instructions; DUO 3/M Operating Instructions; DUO 6/M Operating Instructions; DUO 10 M/MC Operating Instructions; DUO 11/M Operating Instructions; UNO/DUO 2. 5, 004, 008, 012, 30, 35 & 65, DUO 2. 5 water pump pdf manual download.

All information provided in this operating manual refers to the current state of the product&39;s development. Downloads of our brochures, user manuals, service documentation pfeiffer duo 2.5 service manual and other useful information from Pfeiffer Vacuum. Type designation Motor type Mains connection: voltage 50 Hz Mains connection: voltage 60 Hz Part number; Duo 1. Special features: – Pressurised oil lubrication – Hydraulically controlled high vacuum safety valve – Optional: Oil filter systems, Condensate separator, Operational monitoring systems.

We also do minor and major repairs for all Pfeiffer Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps, for quote call. Pfeiffer HLT 260/265/270/275 Communication Protocol; Accessories Smart Sniffer Probe; Rotary Vane Pumps. The Precision Plus range of replacement parts covers direct drive oil-sealed Pfeiffer vacuum pump models including UNO/DUO 1. This follows the procedures in: Sam&39;s laser FAQ or a copy in text form (pfeiffer-service). 5A oil sealed pump was dismantled and serviced with a minor service kit. These Pfeiffer Balzers DUO dual stage rotary vane vacuum pumps have a pumping speed displacement of 3. This kit is guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. 5c duo 5/5c duo 5 duo 5c part number item description seal pke00002t overhaul pke0t seal pke00020t overhaul pke0t seal pke30005t overhaul pke3t overhaul pke3t 640017 buffer, foot,.

Complete operating instructions in PDF format can be downloaded below. The description follo ws applicable EU guidelines. The plug and play type TurboCube TM pumping stations are fully automatically operating pumping units. It describes the func- tioning of the designated product and provides the most important information for safe use of the unit. 5 C series rotary vane vacuum pumps are brand new and we typically carry stock to allow for same day shipping.

• When returning the pump to us please note the. 5 Rotary Vane Pump Rebuilt, New, Refurbished, Used, Repair. DUO 250 A two-stage 267 m3/h < 3. For more information on high vacuum equipment and accessories, servicing and technical assistance please visit These Pfeiffer Vacuum DUO 2. Precision Plus repair kits are offered in a variety of configurations to ensure you get the parts you 2.5 need and only the parts you need.

Pfeiffer duo 2.5 service manual

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